Solium Transfer Stocks Before Ipo

Solium transfer stocks before ipo

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Click on the Portfolio tab. On the Share Purchase and Holdings tab, locate the required stock option purchase plan.

Solium transfer stocks before ipo

If your plan permits in-service withdrawals, on the right you will see the word Withdraw or Transact beside the plan details. Click the link to begin the online withdrawal process.

Follow Solium's 5-Step Withdrawal Process described below.

Step 1 – Select the type of transaction.

  • In the Transaction Type box, select Real Time Withdrawal to sell shares or Shares Withdrawal to transfer shares to a brokerage account.

    (If your plan permits and applicable, select Bulk Withdrawal.)

Step 2 - Select how many shares you wish to withdraw.

  • Specify the number of shares you wish to withdraw.

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    The number of shares you are allowed to withdraw will depend on your plan.

Step 3 - Specify the market or limit order for the sale.

  • Shares can be sold immediately at current market rates, or at a limit price that can be set for up to 30 days.

Step 4 - Choose the delivery method to receive your proceeds or shares.

  • Choices include (the available choices will depend on the plan):
    • Proceeds from Sale ‒ EFT to a bank account, wire transfer to bank account, or cheque by mail.
    • Share Transfer ‒ electronic transfer to broker, or mail a share certificate to participant or broker.

Step 5 - Verify withdrawal details and complete the withdrawal.

  • Your withdrawal is summarized and displayed on the screen.

    Enter your transaction password and click the online disclaimer box to Submit your online withdrawal.

    Solium transfer stocks before ipo

    You will receive a confirmation of your withdrawal and a reference number for your records. The withdrawal will be displayed in the Transaction History section of your account.

Solium transfer stocks before ipo