Serveur Ipo 500 3100

Serveur ipo 500 3100

Serveur ipo 500 3100

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Ok I am not a networking tech by any means but I know how to follow directions and i have done that till I cant go any more and my stuff still doesnt work so here I am.


I bought a "plug and play" dvr/camera system from samsung. 4 cameras and and a DVR.


got the caeras to work and DVR set up. stand aone it works great.


my problem is getting it to function correctly via samsungs web based system ipolis. I did some research once I installed it and it didnt work and found a thread somwhere that said the 2wire router I am using doesnot allow uPNP which is neciarry to make my system work right, so here is how I have it set up right now.


I ran a network cable from my 2wire (model3801hgv) to a secondary router (linksys modelE1200) than a patch cable from the linksys to the DVR.

Serveur ipo 500 3100

I plugged my laptop into the linksys and logged into the router found the DVR connection and noted its IP adress ( configerd this way thr DVR gives me a sucessfull connection status. if I have the DVR plugged strait to the 2wire it says un able to find router.


I then (as per the samsung manual suggests) opened up my browser, typed that IP in and was directed to the ipolis web veiwer which I was able to log on to and see all 4 cameras in action. 

one I go up stream and plug into the 2wire that IP adress is not valid (web page unknown) 


I did log into the 2wire and add an application in the firwall using port settings given to me by the DVR (4520-4524) and apllied it to the linksys router on the list and still no go.


I really dont want to spend 1/2 a day on the phone with some dude asking me if i tried turning it on and off again.

Serveur ipo 500 3100

so any help would be apriciated.







Hi Jack,  Let's see if we can't figure out your problem.


Which port on the 1200 are you connecting the cable from 3801 to (WAN or LAN)?


What other services do you have besides Internet (TV, VOIP)?


What other devices do you use on your network (smart phones, smart TVs, game consoles, computers, etc)?


More than likely you will need to use the 1200 to get this to work.




If everything else on your network is working fine on the 3801, you could isolate your camera/DVR system on the 1200.


To do this:

  • Remove any port mapping changes you did to the 3801 for the camera/DVR system and then reboot (power cycle) the 3801.
  • Plug your laptop into the 1200 and do a factory reset on it.
  • Set the 1200's Internet or WAN interface to use DHCP or Dynamic.
  • Set the internal address of the 1200 to
  • Set the 1200's DHCP server to use addresses through
  • Set up the wireless on the 1200: change password and SSID, set security to WPA2/AES, turn off WPS, turn off SSID broadcast.
  • Save all setting changes on the 1200.
  • Plug the ethernet cable from the 3801 into the Internet or WAN port on the 1200.
  • Reboot (power cycle) the 1200.
  • The Internet address on the 1200 should now be in the 192.168.1.* range.
  • Now plug your laptop into the 3801 and access the Firewall/DMZ page and set the 1200 to DMZ and save the settings.
  • Reboot (power cycle) the 1200 again.
  • The Internet address on the 1200 should now be the same as the Internet address on the 3801.
  • Plug in (or wirelessly connect) your camera/DVR system to the 1200.


You should now be able to access your camera/DVR system while at home by wirelessly connecting to the 1200's network, and you should be able to access it while away from home by using the Samsung site's iPolis (DDNS) software.


If you have a static IP package from AT&T, you should be able to access your system without using Samsung's site.