S Chand Ipo Performance

S chand ipo performance

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Here is a brief snapshot of historic and recent IPO performances in India. The tables below detail the IPO listing performances in 2017 and 2016.

S chand ipo performance

The IPO scorecard is sortable according to different time frames including listing day, one week, four weeks, and six weeks. We highly recommend readers to view the listing performances along with our IPO Review and Analysis section.

S Chand IPO Review: Fresh + OFS, no surprises

In case you are struggling to keep yourself updated about the new offers, head to the page on upcoming IPOs. Here are some more resources for you:

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Values marked 0.0 will be updated once stock completes relevant time frame.

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* Represents allotment price to retail investors after discount

Top IPO Performances in 2018

* Represents allotment price to retail investors after discount

Best performing IPOs in 2017

* Represents allotment price to retail investors after discount

IPO movers and shakers in 2016

* Represents allotment price to retail investors after discount

The objective behind this listing is to provide our readers the capability to scan year-wise IPO listing performances at one place.

This way, our readers and investors can see which IPOs have fared well and which haven’t.

S chand ipo performance

Coupled with our analysis of several of the past IPOs, investors might be able to spot some trends around valuations, industry dynamics. These factors often provide the fodder for one to develop an investment thesis.

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No content on this website should be treated as an investment advice. The idea behind this website is to spread financial literacy and to solicit discussion in our comments section.

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Please consult your financial advisor and undertake your due diligence before making any financial decision. In no way or circumstances, IPO Central will be responsible for your financial decisions.

S chand ipo performance

While we try to remain completely objective in our analysis and reviews, readers are responsible for the outcome of the decisions they take.