Post Ipo Crash Normal

Post ipo crash normal

Post ipo crash normal

Honestly between $UBER and $LYFT I have no idea why you'd own $LYFT.

$LYFT has all their eggs in one basket. It's a pure bet on US rideshare, which has been plateauing for quite some time.

$UBER has a global presence, and although lost in Asia owns a substantial share of Didi (#1 in China) and Grab (#1 in South East Asia), and now bought Careem (#1 in Middle East), and is still dominant in South America.

Beyond Meat Stock is TANKING, IPO Shares WILL Crash This MORE!

It also has Uber Eats, which has grown to a multi-billion co on it's own.

It's also much further along on proprietary self-driving tech than Lyft is.