Order Of Ipo Chart

Order of ipo chart

Using an IPO chart, a flowchart diagram, and pseudocode, you will design a routine that will accept a Fahrenheit temperature and convert that temperature to its Celsius and Kelvin equivalents.

Using an IPO Chart

Hint: The term routine can mean function, subroutine, procedure, etc., depending on the language in question.

A user enters in a Fahrenheit temperature, and gets back two values:
• Celsius temperature
• Kelvin temperature
The code routine will accept one argument, tempFahrenheit and will calculate two values, tempCelsius and tempKelvin.
It will call two routines internally:
• ConvertFahrenheitToCelsius will be a routine to convert a Fahrenheit temperature to Celsius
• ConvertFahrenheitToKelvin will be a routine to convert a Fahrenheit temperature to Kelvin.
Use these variable and routine names in your solution.
Research and find the formulas to convert Fahrenheit temperature to Celsius and Kelvin and then apply critical thinking skills to formulate a logical programmatic solution to convert the user-entered value of Fahrenheit temperature to Celsius and Kelvin equivalents.

Then design the two routines that will implement the formulas you found in your research.
We do this by examining how the routines should behave and walk ourselves through the design using the following tools.

Create your IPO chart. This is where you determine your inputs-processes-outputs.

Order of ipo chart

Create a flowchart diagram showing the flow of logic for the solution to these problems.
3. Create your pseudo-code. Hint: Pseudocode is a mix of simple syntax from real programming languages and English.

Order of ipo chart

When modeling your full routine or program you will show every aspect of it in the pseudocode. In the case of adding your algorithms or processing to IPO charts or flowcharts, you can use snippets of the pseudocode to only show the pertinent processing.
How can you prove that your algorithm is correct?
You will perform an experiment and then analyze your results to determine if your algorithm is correct.
We must follow the scientific method to ensure repeatable results in our experiment.

First, we determine a hypothesis:
“What value is computed for an input of 3”?
We note the expected result from our hypothesis.

Order of ipo chart

It will later be compared to the actual results from our experiment to determine if the experiment passed or failed.
The process we use to perform our experiment is called a desk check.
A desk check is when you identify all the variables used in the routine and place them in a table.
You then examine a potential input value, step through the code, and fill out the table at each step in the code.

So, when a variable in your code has its value changed, be sure to update that new value in your desk checking table.

Order of ipo chart

At the end of the table you will have calculated your actual result.
This investigation will identify if you have designed the correct logic to realize a correct result.
The actual result should match the expected result. You must desk check each routine at least three times.
After you have completed your experiment, you need to analyze your results.

Order of ipo chart

Did you prove or disprove your hypothesis?
Discuss the results of your experiment in a Word document. Show your analysis and your data then explain your conclusions.

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