Ipo Stock Exchange Pwc

Ipo stock exchange pwc


Ipo stock exchange pwc

Executing a successful IPO is the culmination of a long, complex process.

From strategy, accounting, reporting, financial systems, governance, media and investor relations, to treasury and financial risk management, legal, tax, HR, technology - every piece of the puzzle must be in place and connected before you succeed.

Your listing will require orchestrating many key players - bankers, lawyers, auditors, reporting accountants, underwriters, investor relations and IT professionals, among others.

That's why it is so important to work with an independent advisor that has the people, presence and experience to help you execute your IPO - in whatever market (or markets) you select.

How can PwC help?

PwC's dedicated team of capital markets professionals are here to help you master this critical task.

We have deep experience and knowledge of the rules and regulations governing all major capital markets - and a successful history of working cohesively and effectively on both international and domestic IPOs.

We can advise you with all aspects of your public offering, including:

  • Manage IPO projects on your behalf
  • Act as reporting accountant for the IPO and perform applicable procedures on historical and prospective financial information
  • Act as internal control and corporate governance consultant and provide recommendations on internal control and corporate governance structure
  • Provide accounting advisory services and /or convert the financial statements from local accounting standards to IFRS or HKFRS
  • Private due diligence reports and comfort letters

Ipo stock exchange pwc