Ipo Pdo Index Trend

Ipo pdo index trend

) or Steven Hare ([email protected]) to let them know that you have obtained this data. Nate updates the PDO index every two or three months.

Alexey Kaplan's PDO reconstructions for 1856-1991: SST and SLP

A link to Trenberth and Hurrel's "North Pacific Index" for North Pacific area-weighted sea level pressure (a good index for the intensity of the Aleutian Low pressure cell). More information on this index and its importance to North Pacific and North American climate is detailed in Trenberth and Hurrell (1994): Decadal atmosphere-ocean variations in the Pacific.

Climate Dynamics, Vol. 9, p 303-319.

Steven Hare's collection of links to Pacific fishery and climate time series.

Ipo pdo index trend

NOAA's Climate Diagnostics Center interactive correlation maps, with links to many other climate indices (like the SOI, AO, NAO, etc.)

The Aleutian Low Pressure Index (ALPI) from Canada's Pacific Biological Station.

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Ipo pdo index trend

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Ipo pdo index trend

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Ipo pdo index trend

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Featured Special Collections

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PDO review articles

Mantua, N.J. 1999 : The Pacific Decadal Oscillation. A brief overview for non-specialists, to appear in the Encyclopedia of Environmental Change.

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