Ipo In Fy 2020-17

Ipo in fy 2020-17

Per-diems are fixed amounts to be used for lodging, meals, and incidental expenses when traveling on official business. Federal per diem rates are set by the General Services Administration (GSA) and are used by all government employees, as well as many private-sector employees who travel for their companies.

Ipo in fy 2020-17

The per-diem amount you will be issued for meals and lodging depends on the location to which you are traveling. There are almost 400 destinations across the United States for which a special per-diem rate has been specified.

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For travel to any other areas within the United States, the FY 2020 general per diem rates are used.

Read more about how Per-diems work here.

FY 2020 General Rates:


per night lodging


per day meals

Ipo in fy 2020-17