How Can I Invest In Vidangel Ipo

How can i invest in vidangel ipo

Hello Fellow Gumsters
Our family has recently enjoyed the services of a company called VidAngel (, a movie streaming service with content filtering options that allow each viewer to decide which content they prefer to skip.

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If you’re not familiar, take a look at their website or just google it: there is plenty of discussion about their company and it’s service, which has clearly pushed a button in the movie-maker club. The current situation is that Disney and Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, and Lucasfilm are suing VidAngel for filtering. Without getting into the details, which are well-covered in other places, including their own blog ( and press releases, they have done so well with their services and their customers have responded so favorably that they’ve opened an investment opportunity for them/us.

How can i invest in vidangel ipo

There’s a lot involved in the discussion, but I’m curious if anyone has analyzed this already and could share their thoughts with the rest of us? I did a quick search on this site and found no other articles relating to VidAngel, so please forgive me if there’s already something going on that I missed.
VidAngel obviously has to fund the legal battle, so it’s pretty obvious that the first round of this crowd-funded ”investment” in class B non-voiting common stock will raise capital for that expense, which is expected to cost $5 million to go to the supreme court.

How can i invest in vidangel ipo

Presumably there will be more. Question is: is this a good investment? Certainly the market wants the product and their recent growth is phenomenal, so one would expect this to be a ground floor opportunity is something really big.

How can i invest in vidangel ipo

On the other hand, if they lose this legal battle, they shut down and that ”investment” becomes worthless. I believe in the right of individuals to choose what the consume in the privacy of their home, so I support VidAngel’s model and would invest in a microsecond if this albatross wasn’t hanging around. But the simple fact is that in our current legal framework it’s entirely possible for something that makes sense on every level to still be declared illegal because of special interests’ power to sway legislation.

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So I ask, what say y’all?

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