Hdfc Bank Ipo Issue Date

Hdfc bank ipo issue date

How to apply for IPO via HDFC Bank NetBanking (ASBA)

This post is for you, in case, you wish to apply for IPO via HDFC Bank NetBanking (ASBA).

Hdfc bank ipo issue date

Your respective bank will have the corresponding ASBA section.

ASBA stands for Application Supported by Blocked Amounts. This system ensures that the amount needed to apply for an IPO is blocked in the selected savings account, without being debited.

Hdfc bank ipo issue date

Only in the scenario of allotment is the amount finally debited.

Prerequisites before you apply IPO via HDFC Bank NetBanking (ASBA):

  • You have a bank account with HDFC Bank.
  • You have a demat account (not necessarily with HDFC Securities), and you know the demat account details (viz.

    Demat account number, name of the DP, and know whether the Demat account is with NSDL or CDSL).

  • This is important! You have allowed the pop-ups for HDFC Bank and HDFC Securities.

    Hdfc bank ipo issue date

    Following is the process to allow pop-ups for HDFC

    • For Google Chrome:
      • Click the More at the top right of the Chome browser
      • Click Settings.
      • At the bottom, click Advanced.
      • Under “Privacy and security,” click Content settings.
      • Click Popups.
      • Under “Allowed“, click “Add“.

        Turn Allowed on or off. Type https://[*.] and https://[*.]

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        This is will ensure that the pop-ups are allowed for HDFC Bank.

    • You may search online for the steps to allow pop-ups for other browsers, and implement them.

Steps to apply IPO via HDFC Bank NetBanking (ASBA):

So, here’s the process:

Go to the HDFC NetBanking URL and login.


You have now successfully applied for the IPO through the HDFC Bank ASBA online application method.

Refer this post to check allotment status for the applied IPO.

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Hdfc bank ipo issue date