Frost & Sullivan Ipo Wyman

Frost & sullivan ipo wyman

Frost & sullivan ipo wyman

Going global
Frost launched its European presence in London in the 1970s, developing the first pan-European growth consulting reports.  Its Corporate Training Division, founded in 1972, is one of Europe's leading corporate training centers.  In the same decade, the firm also launched its Events Division, designed to combine training, research, strategic growth consulting, and networking opportunities among key industry players.  Frost's “Market Engineering†consulting system, developed in the 1980s, gave the firm a chance to work directly with clients on challenges and opportunities.  The program led to the development of Frost's Executive Tutorial manuals.

Frost expanded to Asia in the 1990s, establishing research and consulting offices in Singapore, China, India and Japan.  Also, during the 1990s, the firm established numerous “Customer Engineering Centers†around the world, which allow clients access to customer surveys and analysis on product launches and development ideas.  In 1998, Frost launched Stratecast, a strategy division aimed at telecommunications providers.  The year 2000 saw the launch of Frost's Decision Support Database service to provide standardized market measurements.  This was followed in 2001 by its Economic Research & Analytics service and a program of comprehensive industry newsletters on market news and trends, Growth Opportunity Newsletters.  The firm acquired Technical Insights in March 2001, offering technology subscription services and high-end tech analysis reports.  Its eBroadcast Division, established in 2002, offers topic-specific seminars streamed online.  In 2004, Frost completely restructured—the new model included a new division, Growth Partnership Services, implementing the firm's Growth Consulting model and methodologies.

Business kudos
Frost proved to be a credible growth consultant for its clients as it ranked No.

1 in terms of revenue increase in 2005 and 2006, despite competition with Datamonitor PLC, Gartner, Inc.

Careers at Frost & Sullivan

and International Data Group, Inc.  The company sought expansion of its services and introduced comprehensive and well-formed Growth Excellence Matrix and Growth Strategy Dialogues, among its many programs, in 2007 and 2008.  In 2009, Frost continued the development and promotion of its global brand by assisting clients on their cost-cutting strategies as well as growth strategies.

In the coming years, Frost promises an improved service offering as it continues to present new resources and market opportunities, aiding to clients’ growth and success.  It envisions itself as the world leader in many areas, especially in growth consulting, by bringing worldwide growth, innovation and leadership.