Doberman Breeders Who Consistently Win Schutzhund And Ipo

Doberman breeders who consistently win schutzhund and ipo

Often, people want more than an obedient, off-leash trained dog.

Award-winning Trainer

At John Soares K9 Training, we have training and coaching specifically dedicated to Schutzhund, which is a German word for “protection dog.” Our clients in the sport have varied skill levels and professional backgrounds.

In fact, many started as dog lovers who simply wanted to test the capabilities of their dog and didn’t know where to begin.

Doberman breeders who consistently win schutzhund and ipo

There are misconceptions that Schutzhund is a male dominated sport, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. There is also a falsehood that mostly police K9s compete in Schutzhund, which is inaccurate and largely confused by the fact that law enforcement K9 handlers compete in United States Police Canine Association National Patrol Dog competitions.

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In fact, the sport is a highly diverse group of people from all walks of life with a passion to become over-achievers with their dogs.

While rewarding and fun, Schutzhund requires a trainer who understands the inner workings of tracking, obedience, and protection. These experts are trainers, helpers, former judges, or all-of-the-above.

DVG Nationals 2017 - European Dobermann, IPO3 protection

They are rare individuals who are in the upper echelon of trainers. That’s where John Soares comes in as a highly trusted and respected member of the Schutzhund/IPO community with numerous awards and testimonials.

Your Introduction to Schutzhund Sport Dog Training

If you’re interested in the sport of Schutzhund/IPO,  give us a call for a proper introduction to the sport.

Doberman breeders who consistently win schutzhund and ipo

If you already have one of the breeds listed below, schedule an evaluation with Master Trainer John Soares to determine if your dog has the genetic potential for competing.

If you don’t already own a dog, John can match you with the right young adult or adult dog with working ability. JSK9 has dogs for sale with the temperament and drive to work.

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We would be happy to discuss availablity of dogs and answer any questions you may have in purchasing a working line K9 for Schutzhund competitions.

Best Breeds For Schutzhund/IPO Sport


The training for Schutzhund typically involves traditionally known breeds such as the German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Doberman, and Rottweiler.

However, the following breeds have been known to compete as well: Boxers, Giant Schnauzers, Dutch Shepherd Dogs, American Bulldogs, Black Russian Terriers, Airedale Terriers, Bouvier des Flandres, Beaucerons, and Cane Corso.

Doberman breeders who consistently win schutzhund and ipo

John has trained all of the above breeds.