Dish Tv Ipo Price

Dish tv ipo price

Dish TV offers some of the cheapest satellite TV deals in the good ol’ USA.

Dish tv ipo price

It’s a common alternative to cable TV, and appeals to customers who are tired of dealing with cable but still want a full-featured TV experience. In most cases, Dish has more HD channels at a lower price than cable — and their DVR has twice the storage capacity of DIRECTV.

The main caveat with Dish is that it doesn’t have as much sports programming as DIRECTV.

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However, if you can live without NFL Sunday Ticket, Dish is a budget-friendly option.

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Next Steps: Installation, Setup, and Usage for Dish TV Plans

After selecting your package, you’ll be guided through the complete package sign up process. Start by removing local channels to save $10/month (or keep them!).

Dish tv ipo price

Next select your equipment, and add on packs like sports and movies. You’ll then by required to add in your personal details and billing information.

Note: If you have excellent or good credit there will be no one time charges.


Average credit ratings will attract a $50 one-off activation fee, and if you’re currently building your credit rating a $50 activation fee and $50 per leased receiver.

Once you’ve filled out all your details you move on to picking an installation time and date.


As part of your package, you’ll receive free installation, along with rental of the satellite Dish.

The technician will mount the Dish to the exterior of your home, set up all the cabling, and install the receiver inside your home. You’ll be given a 75-minute window in which they will arrive at your home on the day, one of the lowest windows in the industry.

If you have other technician jobs needed around the home like setting up Wi-Fi, the technician should be able to do this for you as well (at an extra cost).


When choosing your Dish setup, you have two options for your receiver box – the Hopper 3 HD DVR, or the Wally HD non-DVR.

The Hopper 3 can record and watch 16 shows at once and offers 2000 hours of recording with access to On Demand titles.

The Wally is purely a receiver box only. If you decide on the Hopper 3, you’ll currently get an Amazon Alexa Dot free to control your Hopper 3 by voice commands.

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Even if you aren’t on board the Alexa bandwagon, here’s my two cents: go with the Hopper 3. There’s not much point paying for a top-notch TV service if you can’t enjoy some basic recording/pause/replay functionality.

Pro Tip: How to save on Dish equipment

The Hopper 3 costs an extra $10 in rental charges per month, which is not included in the price of your package.

Additional “Joeys”, to power other TVs in the home, cost $5 per device, with one needed for each TV.

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This is important to remember, depending on how many TVs you have. The Wally HD non-DVR does not cost any extra per month (for your first TV, additional Wallys for extra TVs are $7/month rental) and may be an option if you only really want to watch live TV and On Demand titles.

Dish Bundles: Good Value, or Over-Hyped?

Depending on what region of the country you are in, you’ll be able to bundle your Dish TV alongside internet and/or home phone services. Dish partner high speed internet service providers include Windstream, Frontier, and TDS.

One of the more interesting bundle deals that you can get with Dish is their satellite internet service.

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Dish offer satellite internet (up to 25Mbps) using the same technology as the TV service, through partner HughesNet. This may be a really good option if you can’t get DSL wired service to your home, plus it saves you $5/month off your Dish TV bill.

Dish’s best feature: On-the-go TV

One of Dish’s best features hasn’t been covered here as yet – their mobile experience.

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With Dish Anywhere (and a Hopper 3 at home) you’re able to watch live, recorded, and On Demand titles from your mobile device anywhere, at any time. Dish Anywhere is rated relatively highly among users, both for Android and for iPhone, although it does require a stable mobile data or Wi-Fi connection of around 3Mbps to be able to stream content effectively. Be careful when using mobile data not to go over your data cap, assuming your mobile provider has one.

Dish Deals: An affordable choice for satellite and mobile viewing

Dish TV make a good argument for why they should be your TV provider: they have very reasonable pricing, state of the art viewing technologies (including on mobile), and the option of bundling satellite internet for people who can’t get DSL.

While they aren’t as popular as competitor DIRECTV, it’s definitely worth sizing up their channel choice to see if it’s going to work for your household.

Best Deal

America’s Top 120+

Plan Details:

  • Price: $49.99/mo
  • Internet: 0Mbps
  • TV: 190 Channels
  • Contract: 2 years
  • Setup Service: 844-387-1706

If you’re shopping for price, skip over the ultra-cheap “Top 120” plan and go for the Top 120+.

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It’s only $10 more expensive each month, but comes with way more channels (190+) including Pac-12 Network, Longhorn Network, and other sports must-haves.

  • 2-year price guarantee
  • 190+ channels
  • 3 months of free premium channels

PROTIP: If you are setting up new service, try calling 844-387-1706 first.

As of this writing, this phone number skips the queue and lets you speak directly with an agent.

Great Value

America’s Top 200

Plan Details:

  • Price: $69.99/mo
  • Internet: 0Mbps
  • TV: 240 Channels
  • Contract: 2 years
  • Setup Service: 844-387-1706

This isn’t their largest plan, but in my opinion it’s the best value for customers who want a “premium” experience.

It’s the equivalent of buying the second-to-newest iPhone… 99% as dependable with 15% off the price tag.

  • 240+ channels
  • 2-year price lock-in
  • Free installation
  • Premium Channels included

PROTIP: If you are setting up new service, try calling 844-387-1706 first.

As of this writing, this phone number skips the queue and lets you speak directly with an agent.

Dish tv ipo price