Cb Insights Ipo Unicorn List

Cb insights ipo unicorn list

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You’ve probably have heard the phrase “unicorn startups.” As Wikipedia defines it, “a unicorn is a privately held startup company with a current valuation of US$1 billion or more.” Most of these startups are based mostly in the United States and China Companies like Facebook, Alibaba were formerly unicorns, but exited the list due to IPO or acquisitions.

The lists of unicorn companies are maintained by The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, CNNMoney and CB Insights.

If you know of any other unicorn startups, please contact us and we’d be more than happy to them to the list.

Below is an updated list of unicorn startups as of 2018 sorted by valuation. You could also sort the list by valuation date and country

MeizuUS$4.4 billionOctober 2016 China

CompanyValuationValuation dateCountry
Ant FinancialUS$70.0 billionApril 2017 China
UberUS$62.5 billionAugust 2016 US
Didi ChuxingUS$56 billionApril 2017 China
XiaomiUS$45.0 billionApril 2015 China
Ali CloudUS$39.0 billionMarch 2018 China
Meituan-DianpingUS$30.0 billionOctober 2017 China
AirbnbUS$30.0 billionSeptember 2016 US
Palantir TechnologiesUS$20.1 billionNovember 2016 US
CATLUS$20.0 billionMarch 2018 China
ToutiaoUS$20.0 billionAugust 2017 China
Cainiao LogisticsUS$20.0 billionMarch 2018 China
LufaxUS$18.5 billionJanuary 2016 China
WeWorkUS$16.9 billionOctober 2016 US
FlipkartUS$15.0 billionJuly 2015 India
SpaceXUS$12.0 billionJanuary 2015 US
PinterestUS$11.0 billionMay 2015 US
JiedaibaoUS$10.77 billionMarch 2018 China
Tencent MusicUS$10.0 billionSeptember 2017 China
DJIUS$10.0 billionSeptember 2016 China
WeBankUS$9.23 billionMarch 2018 China
StripeUS$9.2 billionNovember 2016 US
PingAn Health Insurance TechUS$8.8 billionMarch 2018 China
KoubeiUS$8.0 billionJanuary 2017 China
Zhong AnUS$8.0 billionJune 2015 China
Moderna TherapeuticsUS$7.5 billionFebruary 2018 US
JD FinanceUS$7.3 billionJanuary 2016 China
HuluUS$5.8 billionAugust 2016 US
HomelinkUS$5.7 billionApril 2016 China
RobinhoodUS$5.6 billionMarch 2018 US
WeBankUS$5.5 billionJanuary 2016 China
LyftUS$5.5 billionJanuary 2016 US
CoupangUS$5.0 billionJune 2015 South Korea
NIOUS$5.0 billionNovember 2017 China
United Imaging HealthcareUS$5.0 billionSeptember 2017 China
Ola CabsUS$5.0 billionDecember 2015 India
PaytmUS$4.83 billionAugust 2016 India
SnapdealUS$4.8 billionAugust 2016 India
Magic LeapUS$4.5 billionFebruary 2016 US
iQiyiUS$4.5 billionFebruary 2017 China
ZenefitsUS$4.5 billionMay 2015 US
SenseTimeUS$4.5 billionApril 2018 China
BAIC BJEVUS$4.2 billionAugust 2017 China
Yello MobileUS$4.05 billionNovember 2016 South Korea
GO-JEKUS$4.0 billionFebruary 2018 Indonesia
UBtech RoboticsUS$4.0 billionNovember 2017 China
Slack TechnologiesUS$5.1 billionApril 2016 Canada
GarenaUS$3.7 billionSeptember 2016 Malaysia
Shouqi Car RentalUS$3.55 billionDecember 2016 China
Credit KarmaUS$3.5 billionJune 2015 US
LeSportsUS$3.3 billionMarch 2016 China
MeizuUS$3.3 billionFebruary 2015 China
e-Shang RedwoodUS$3.25 billionJuly 2017 China
Oscar HealthUS$3.2 billionMarch 2018 US
FanaticsUS$3.17 billionAugust 2015 US
Delivery HeroUS$3.11 billionJune 2015 Germany
Ali MusicUS$3.0 billionSeptember 2016 China
Jia.comUS$3.0 billionFebruary 2015 China
KuaishouUS$3.0 billionMarch 2017 China
Meili United GroupUS$3.0 billionNovember 2015 China
Wanda E-commerceUS$3.0 billionJanuary 2015 China
Ping An Good DoctorUS$3.0 billionMay 2016 China
ContextLogic (Wish)US$3.0 billionNovember 2016 US
DocuSignUS$3.0 billionMay 2015 US
GrabUS$3.0 billionDecember 2016 Singapore
SoFiUS$3.0 billionSeptember 2015 US
Royole CorporationUS$3.0 billionNovember 2016 China
VANCLUS$3.0 billionFebruary 2014 China
LY.comUS$3.0 billionAugust 2016 China
Yixia TechnologyUS$3.0 billionNovember 2016 China
Bloom EnergyUS$2.83 billionJanuary 2015 US
PivotalUS$2.8 billionMay 2016 US
UnionPay Merchant ServicesUS$2.8 billionOctober 2016 China
AmWINS Group, Inc.US$2.6 billionOctober 2016 US
Vice MediaUS$2.55 billionDecember 2015 Canada
Lazada GroupUS$2.5 billionApril 2016 Malaysia
QualtricsUS$2.5 billionApril 2017 US
MozidoUS$2.39 billionOctober 2014 US
HouzzUS$2.32 billionOctober 2014 US
AdyenUS$2.3 billionSeptember 2015 Netherlands
KlarnaUS$2.25 billionAugust 2015 Sweden
CompassUS$2.2 billionDecember 2017 US
KingSoft CloudUS$2.12 billionJanuary 2018 China
OpenDoorUS$2.1 billionDecember 2016 US
Taobao MovieUS$2.1 billionMay 2016 China
Three SquirrelsUS$2.09 billionSeptember 2015 China
TravelokaUS$2.0 billionFebruary 2018 Indonesia
TaopiaopiaoUS$2.0 billionJuly 2017 China
Face++US$2.0 billionNovember 2017 China
DeliverooUS$2.0 billionSeptember 2017 UK
DomoUS$2.0 billionMarch 2016 US
Huimin.cnUS$2.0 billionSeptember 2016 China
Meicai.cnUS$2.0 billionJune 2016 China
OfoUS$2.0 billionJuly 2017 China
SensetimeUS$2.0 billionDecember 2017 China
Tubatu.comUS$2.0 billionMarch 2015 China
Maoyan-WeiyingUS$2.0 billionNovember 2017 China
YouxinpaiUS$2.0 billionJanuary 2017 China
HelloFreshUS$2.0 billionNovember 2017 Germany
SurveyMonkeyUS$2.0 billionDecember 2014 US
InstacartUS$2.0 billionMarch 2016 US
Beijing Weiying TechnologyUS$2.0 billionApril 2016 China
Firstp2pUS$2.0 billionSeptember 2016 China
GitHubUS$2.0 billionJuly 2015 US
Trendy International GroupUS$2.0 billionFebruary 2012 China
AvantUS$1.98 billionSeptember 2015 China
Intarcia TherapeuticsUS$1.95 billionSeptember 2016 US
Prosper MarketplaceUS$1.9 billionAugust 2015 US
BenevolentAIUS$1.85 billionAugust 2015 UK
Avito.ruUS$1.82 billionFebruary 2014 Russia
Crystal LagoonsUS$1.8 billionSeptember 2009 Chile
NantOmicsUS$1.8 billionJune 2015 US
RedditUS$1.8 billionJuly 2017 US
QuoraUS$1.8 billionApril 2017 US
SprinklrUS$1.8 billionJuly 2016 US
ZocdocUS$1.8 billionAugust 2015 US
TaniumUS$1.75 billionSeptember 2015 US
SquarespaceUS$1.7 billionDecember 2017 US
The Honest CompanyUS$1.7 billionAugust 2015 US
RevolutUS$1.7 billionApril 2018 UK
CoinbaseUS$1.6 billionAugust 2017 US
BlaBlaCarUS$1.6 billionAugust 2016 France
AfinitiUS$1.6 billionMay 2017 US
Razer Inc.US$1.5 billionOctober 2014 US
Tujia.comUS$1.5 billionOctober 2017 China
C3 IoTUS$1.4 billionMarch 2017 US
DoorDashUS$1.4 billionMarch 2018 US
ApttusUS$1.3 billionSeptember 2016 US
ThumbtackUS$1.3 billionSeptember 2017 US
RubrikUS$1.3 billionApril 2017 US
TokopediaUS$1.2 billionFebruary 2018 Indonesia
Warby ParkerUS$1.2 billionApril 2015 US
Global Fashion GroupUS$1.1 billionJuly 2016 Luxembourg
ShopCluesUS$1.1 billionJanuary 2016 India
UiPath Inc.US$1.1 billionMarch 2018 US
BukalapakUS$1.2 billionFebruary 2018 Indonesia
CloudflareUS$1 billion+September 2015 US
QuikrUS$1 billionApril 2015 India
InMobiUS$1 billion +May 2017 India
CareemUS$1 billionDecember 2016 UAE
CrowdStrikeUS$1 billionMay 2017 US
Vox MediaUS$1 billionAugust 2015 US
ZomatoUS$1 billionMay 2017 India
Essential ProductsUS$1 billionAugust 2017 US
MindMazeUS$1 billionFebruary 2016  Switzerland
GoGoVanUS$1 billionSeptember 2017 Hong Kong
Rubicon GlobalUS$1 billionSeptember 2017 US
LetgoUS$1 billionSeptember 2017 US
FarfetchUS$1 billionMarch 2015 UK
InVisionUS$1 billionNovember 2017 US
Lookout SecurityUS$1 billionAugust 2014 US
TransferWiseUS$1 billionJune 2016 UK
KabamUS$1 billionJuly 2014 Canada
LeoVegasUS$1 billionDecember 2017 Sweden
UdacityUS$1 billionNovember 2015 US
CanvaUS$1 billionJanuary 2018 Australia
LinkSure Network (WiFi Master Key)US$1 billionJanuary 2015 China
MedMenUS$1 billionFebruary 2018 US
OrCamUS$1 billionFebruary 2018 Israel

Credit: Thanks to Wikipedia for the input data.

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Cb insights ipo unicorn list