Ahead Ipo Uber Cfo Wall Street

Ahead ipo uber cfo wall street

Lyft might finally edge ahead of Uber—in the race to go public.

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Ahead ipo uber cfo wall street

2 ride-hail operator has filed confidential paperwork in anticipation of an initial public offering early next year, The Wall Street Journalreported Thursday morning.

Uber, the industry's longtime front-runner, is expected to go public in the second half of next year.

Lyft will be the first to test the public markets for the ride-hail industry, which has shown explosive growth during the past four years.

Lyft was most recently valued at $15 billion. Uber has received proposals from banks interested in its IPO that valued the company at $120 billion.

Ride-hail services are notoriously expensive to operate.

Uber IPO Falls Flat For Wall Street Debut

Neither Uber nor Lyft, both of which take a commission on fares, is profitable.

Both companies are entering a period of business uncertainty. Regulators in New York City, the largest market for ride-hailing, recently imposed regulations, going into effect in January, to set minimum pay standards. The ride-hail operators expect that fares will go up as a result.

Ahead ipo uber cfo wall street

The for-hire vehicles also will be subject to a $2.75-per-ride surcharge on trips that go through the congestion zone in Manhattan, which is below 96th Street. The higher fares combined with the surcharge could have a devastating effect on ridership.

Lyft had revenue of $563 million in the third quarter, up nearly 90% from the year-ago period, and a loss of $254 million, according to the Journal.

Ahead ipo uber cfo wall street

Uber had $2.95 billion in revenue, up 38%, with a $1.07 billion loss.