The Best Forex Signals Swing

The best forex signals swing

The best forex signals swing

Submit by Frank 02/02/2016

Swing Signals is a trading system based on the trend detector. Overall, this trading system is about profiting from trend movements by providing you with accurate entry and exit points to generate hundreds of pips for every trade.

A Simple Forex Swing Trading Strategy

Time Frame 4H or daily.

Currency pairs:any.

Metatrader Indicators:

Trend Detector,

Entry Signal.

Trading rules Swing Signals System


Wait the indications:

Buy signal detected, Oped 2 lots (example EUR/USD at 1.3020, stop loss 1,2980 1° profit target 1,3070, 2° profit Targe 1,3110).


Wait the indications:

Sell signal detected, Open 2 lots (example EUR/USD at 1.3000, stop loss 1,3080 1° profit target 1,2950, 2° profit Targe 1,2900).

It can be said that this system is almost a clone of the old Area 51 system.

This system is easy to use and also indicated for beginners.

The signals are very clear and precise, to increase profitabilità decrease targets of 10-15 pips.

In the pictures Swing signals (alias Area 51) system in action.

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Swing Signals

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