Simple Fx Forex Peace Army

Simple fx forex peace army

I don't have any live account money invested with simpleFX but last weekend they had a problem during the large BCH (bitcoin cash) rise and fall.

Simple fx forex peace army

They sent a message to everyone who had made BCH trades, advising of a bridging problem with their liquidity provider, and that ALL trades involving BCH would be erased, and profits removed. I don't know if they only removed trades where the client won, or both losing and winning trades. However all week long users of that broker have been complaining about money being removed from their accounts, and about having trouble withdrawing funds from SimpleFX.

Simple fx forex peace army

I was thinking about depositing with SimpleFX since they have a good variety of instruments, and good reviews, but after seeing how they treated their clients last week; I cannot trust them.

I understand there is liquidity risk in Forex, but that risk should not be borne by traders. Any problem with their liquidity providers should be resolved without harming their clients, and trading history should not be erased, no matter what the terms of service say.

That should be illegal, and it probably would be if the broker was properly registered.

Stay away.


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