Forex Success Stories In Kenya

Forex success stories in kenya

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Are you one of the people who think that good things always happen to others? They are usually among aspiring traders.


Many of them have a great wish to be successful but somehow are negatively biased over it. There are a lot of people who think that it is no longer possible for a simple trader to get rich with trading or even trade enough for a living.

This is why I will be talking about the top Forex traders in South Africa who became one of the most profitable Forex traders in the world. Their success stories will definitely show you that becoming a successful, profitable Forex trader is possible for anyone and everywhere.

Forex Trading is becoming more and more popular with young people who lack realistic career opportunities There was a time when trading was seen as something done by the rich to become even richer, this statement is true only at some degree.

Forex success stories in kenya

Many people with a small amount of money have become successful and rich with Forex and South African Forex Traders success stories are a testimony to that.

Sandile Shezi

The story of Sandile Shezi is very controversial, while he did something that I never advise to fellow traders out there, he managed to make profits and earn himself the spot on the list of the best South African Forex traders.

But let’s not rush and follow the story of the young trader.

As now 26 years olf Sandile Shezi remembers he was from a very poor family, living in a ghetto and attending the nearby school.

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Once he was given the tuition fee for the whole year and invested all of it in the Forex market. This was a very risky decision from his side, as putting money in Forex trading that you need for something else such as education is never a good idea.

Forex success stories in kenya

If you lose it all it will take a lot of time for you to recover from it and put yourself in a good financial situation again. However, the risk Sandile made paid off for him in the best way possible.

This decision made Shezi rich and famous, now he is named as one of the most successful Forex traders in South Africa.

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Was it a calculated risk? Maybe, was it reckless? Yes, it was, but it paid off.

Forex success stories in kenya

The thing we need to mention here is that Sandile was mentored by one of the best South African Forex trader  George van der Riet. He was teaching FX trading to young Sandile for some time and as you can see, he was learning it religiously.

After seeing great success in Forex trading Sandile Shezi is now leading the Global Forex Institue, that was founded by himself.

Successful Forex Traders in Kenya

He is teaching young people of South Africa how to become as successful as he was while trading. That is a great end of his story, is it not?

George Van der Riet

As I have mentioned George Van der Riet, let me tell his story as well. It is not as controversial as one Sandile had, as instead of making risky investments as a young man, George gave it a lot of time to study and master Forex trading, and in the end, became one of the richest Forex traders from South Africa.

George Van der Riet was born in Cape Town and grew up there.

Forex success stories in kenya

Soon after finishing his studies in South Africa he moved to the United Kingdom to continues his studies in finance. Once he graduated from university in Manchester, he started working in banks and financial institutions.

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He was working as a Forex trader that allowed him to master the skills for trading. But one day he thought it was time to go his own way.

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As a result of this decision, we can now refer to him as the most successful Forex trader in South Africa.

George was already very well known before he came back to Cape Town.

Therefore he received a lot of job offers from large companies. But luckily, George denied all of them as his mind was already made up.

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He started trading on his own, while also teaching the young Sandile Shezi. With his help, the young man become a millionaire and now both of them are helping the South African society to be more informed about Forex and generally the financial sector.

Ref Wayne

If you thought that it could not get more intense than the story about Sandile Shezi, you are very wrong.

Successful Forex Traders’ Stories

Ref Wayne has a very similar story. He made extremely risky investments and pretty much all of them paid off very well for him. Ref Wayne is considered as one of the smartest traders in South Africa. He started trading at a very early age and was already a multimillionaire when he turned 22, that truly makes him one of the best South African Forex trader.

Ref Wayne is known for the strategies he developed himself and used to make pretty much all of his trades profitable.

Just like the two traders I mentioned above, he is also concerned with the absence of financial education in his country. At one side, South African youngsters are struggling with the lack of decent career opportunities and try to find relief in Forex trading, and at the same time, they do not have enough financial knowledge to really make a profit from it.

Forex success stories in kenya

That’s why Ref Wayne has written several books on Forex trading and strategies and also has issued some of them for free.

Wayne has also established the African Forex Institute and tries to help young entrepreneurs. It is worth mentioning that Ref Wayne is not only one of the most successful Forex trader in South Africa, but the creator of the first South African cryptocurrency – Pip Coin.

Successful female Forex traders in South Africa

To my fellow female readers, have you been told that Forex trading is for men, or have you thought of it by yourself?

There is a big chance that you have.


The Forex industry is truly male-dominated and unfortunately, we do not often hear success stories of female Forex traders. But there are some truly exceptional female South African Forex traders that are changing the idea that Forex trading is for men only.

Nelisiwe Masango

The story of Nelisiwe Masango is truly inspiring.

While still at school, she was dreaming about becoming a neurosurgeon. But soon she understood that the thing that she was truly passionate about was finances and investments.

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Hence, when the time came to continue her studies she refused to study medicine and enrolled at the university to study entrepreneurial management.

However, it did not last long as well as soon enough she dropped out and started learning how to trade, It was a truly brave decision for her that turned out to be the best decision of her life.

Masango started trading and saw great success, so much so that she became one of the best female South African Forex traders.

Nelisiwe Masango is in her early 20’s and has already established three financial companies – she is a director of Bear run investments, which is a Forex trading company.

“Female and Finances” with the purpose to promote financial security and awareness amongst women of South Africa. Last but not least, she owns “Gentle Hands Agency” – a recruitment agency that aims to help people who are struggling from a lack of job opportunities.

Danielle Lester and Paballo Nkwe

Danielle Lester and Paballo Nkwe are one of the great representatives of Successful female Forex traders in South Africa.

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Just like Nelisiwe Masango, they both are in their twenties and have already tasted the success of Forex trading.

Today their main aim is to provide young people in South Africa, startups and companies with proper education about Forex trading and powerful platforms to trade profitably. In order to fulfill this purpose, they have established iSelect Wealth together. They are creating platforms and models by using the newest technologies and financial intelligence.

Admiral Markets Group consists of the following firms:

All of which can be used by anyone.

At the same time, they have the incubation program, Danielle Lester and Paballo Nkwe are visiting different universities to help women develop financial intelligence, study Forex trading and make profitable investments. As you could see from these stories Forex Traders lifestyle in South Africa is very humble and determined to create a better financial environment for other South Africans that are struggling due to poverty, lack of the proper financial education and decent job opportunities.

You can be the best South African Forex trader too

As you can see people who are considered as one of the most successful, smart and profitable Forex traders in South Africa have earned this title in many different ways, all of them have their own successful Forex trading stories.

Once again it proves that if any individual puts a lot of energy, work, and practice into Forex trading they can truly become the best